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Dental Implants in their current form have been used to replace missing teeth for over 40 years. Well-documented clinical evidence shows that dental implants are the ideal long-term solution for missing teeth. Essentially an implant is a metal fixture which integrates perfectly with the bone of the jaws. The implant may then have a crown (false tooth) fixed directly to it giving the appearance of a natural tooth. Additionally, two or more implants may be used to support a bridge (several false teeth) or a denture in cases where dentures are very loose. Modern implants systems are designed to reproduce the natural dentition both functionally and aesthetically, giving optimum cosmetic results.

Is it painful?

No. The procedure is carried out at Apple Dental Practice under local anaesthesia by Mr Greig, who is a long-term member of the Apple team and has over 10 years’ experience in oral surgery. Normal painkillers are required for several days after surgery and you may experience some bruising. Mr Greig also offers intravenous sedation for patients who are particularly anxious about treatment.

Can anyone have implants?

Almost everyone. There are few contra-indications to treatment with implants. Implant treatment should be avoided in heavy smokers, patients with debilitating systemic illness and some bone disorders. Generally, if the mouth is healthy and well-maintained one can expect a successful result.

Quality assurance

At Apple, we currently use the Straumann® System, which is internationally recognised as a market leader in Implant Systems. Their long-term research ensures a superior product achieving consistent, predictable results time after time.

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