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Patients who are anxious about receiving treatment have the option of intravenous sedation, which is carried out at the practice by Mr Greig, who holds the highest qualification in dental sedation currently attainable in the UK.

Historically many patients chose to have a general anaesthetic (put to sleep), however, there are inherent risks associated with this and it is much safer to have sedation for dental procedures.

The feeling of sedation is akin to being very relaxed and somewhat drowsy. Although you may feel like going to sleep you will not actually sleep; in contrast to general anaesthesia patients can breathe spontaneously and respond to verbal commands. However, in the majority of cases, most patients cannot remember anything about the procedure. Some patients even enjoy the experience of sedation!

Dental Sedation is extremely safe. All patients are closely monitored by non-invasive methods. Blood pressure is recorded before, during and after the procedure and the oxygen concentration of the blood is monitored throughout.

You must bring an escort with you for treatment under sedation and they must accompany you home and remain with you for 24 hours. You will be sufficiently recovered to be able to walk unaided out of the dental practice but may feel some slight sedation effects within the 24 hours following your appointment.

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